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Although cashew butter is somewhat lower in fat than other nut butters (two tablespoons contain 16 grams of fat, compared with 18 grams for almond butter and 19 grams for walnut butter), its fat profile is a winning one. Sixty two percent the fat in cashew butter is of the monounsaturated kind, making it one of the top sources of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) in the nut category (macadamia nuts have 81 percent, hazelnuts 79 percent, and almonds 66 percent). MUFAs, also found in high proportions in olive oil and avocados, have beneficial effects on blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

For the west, differences in agriculture. The border is a river in this case that is used by both Lesotho and South Africa for agricultural purposes. I was not able to find any significant differences however, so again what the effects are on the color on the land is unknown to me.


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In the early 1860s, although Kansas had finally voted itself a Free State and was admitted to the Union in 1861 as the 34th state, John Shirley sold off his farming operation and moved his family into the town proper of Carthage, probably for the security of other people in the face of continuing border raiding after the start of the Civil War. He bought an inn as well as a livery stable on the town square, a very desirable place. The daughter upon whom John Shirley doted received the best he could afford for her.

This man touches on many of those issues and I think when discussing this topic, it ignorant to think that these individuals have zero control on their situation. If we are going to make strides on improving these broken communities, we need to fix both the external and internal causes of these problems. Trying to only fix one aspect is doomed for failureAs a cancer researcher, these posts really frustrate me.

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