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. Foundries and contract manufacturers are also selling off: TSM 3.9%. UMC 2%. SMI 2.4%.

Perhaps one of the most popular ways to acquire brand name merchandise for a fraction of the price is to peruse the many available items on online auction sites. Not only are the sites a great place to find in season merchandise and the latest designer trends, but they are also great places to find vintage or one of a kind accessories from the past. Registration on these sites is typically free, and you can begin to bid on items as soon as the site verifies and confirms both your information and registration.

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An outfit in rich reds, purples, greens or blues is also a good idea if you want to lean towards a rich captain type of pirate, you could also a posh, tailored jacket to this type of look. Both are likely to wear long black boots. You then need to add to this by using different accessories.


When you combine the trendy looks, flawless finish and the signature looks of the designer glasses with the fact that different colours radiate different impressions, you get a powerful tool to enhance your fashion at your disposal. No one can underestimate the impact various colours have on the image you would like to create Ferragamo Carla Pump Red or change. With the right pair of designer glasses, you will be able to flaunt an extravagant look or a sophisticated appeal.

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