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It’s a bit hard to describe past “more expensive stuff generally looks better,” but in essence that’s it. I figured out what looks better on me by going to various stores of various price ranges and trying stuff on. A couple of flatteringly cut shirts go a long way, and as a bonus, they’ll probably last longer.


Because a woman usually walks on the right side of a man When a woman applies for a job, she should never put the bag on the desk of the interviewer or carry it before her beast which is rather impolite. The right way is put it on the right leg. However, if you go to an evening party, an exquisite and formal bag is the best choice, which is suitable to your formal attire and can show your respect to the master.

Two days after her departure from the hospital, Gey’s staff was met with a surprise: the HeLa strand was thriving. However, this was not entirely unprecedented. The strands always died out in the end.

There are tons of ways to make a macro lens for your smartphone, but if you need one for a DSLR, it not quite as simple as using a magnifying glass or a drop of water. If you have an old kit lens, though, you can turn it into a macro lens in no time all you have to do is remove the front element. For this hack, Juha Loukola over on PetaPixel used a Canon 38 76mm lens, but says that the process should be pretty much the same for other lenses.


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Franck Muller is one of the youngest companies in the luxury watchmaking, but it successfully managed to have met the challenge of becoming a key player in today’s watch market. Since early childhood Muller enjoyed spending his time reassembling any watch that he could find. Later he turned his attention to restoring timepieces for collectors and soon there appeared his own designs.

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