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The other thing that can make leger lines confusing, is that they take turns being spaces or lines. For example, if you look at the “A” within the treble clef staff, it is a note occupying a space. However, when you run out of staff at the top, and start over, the note sitting right on top of the staff is a space, and that is “G,” followed by “A,” which is now a line.


Football is also a game of flying objects, from the ball itself to penalty flags. In 1999, NFL player Orlando Brown was struck in the eye and suffered a serious injury when a penalty flag thrown by an official came through his face mask. A visor prevents any outside object from entering the upper portion of the opening of a face mask.


The government of Canada no longer rebates the GST or HST to American consumers. If the items are shipped to the United States the taxes are not applied, and this is true whether the recipient is a person or a business. Under some circumstances, nonresident businesses (including sole proprietors) can apply for a rebate.


Born in 1860 near Greenville, Ohio, as Phoebe Ann Mosey, she supported her family by shooting and selling game to restaurants and grocers in Greenville and neighboring towns. Her game was desirable because it had little damage since her aim was so precise.She adopted the stage name Annie Oakley after she met and married sharpshooter Frank Butler. One of them was Chief Sitting Bull who felt a closeness with Annie as she reminded him of his deceased daughter.

We didn see the actual post until after we gave our verdict because no cell phones. Changed the minds of some of the jury but was too late. Left a terrible taste in my mouth.


A butterfly knife is basically a weapon invented in the Philippines. The knife was traditionally known as batanga since it was first made in the Batangas province of the Philippines by the local tribes for self defense. Also, you must be attracted to the amazing design of these knives. So now you have made up your mind to buy one for yourself. However, there are a couple of things you must know before you proceed to buy a butterfly knife.


The amount of incredibly pricy designer watches you could suddenly find yourself owning is staggering. The amount of flashy style you would get from some glam rock watches would be unheard of in your social circle. These are not fancy watches like grandpa used .

Even for health reasons, the Eage Eye Sunglasses are a necessity. Nowadays, many people have grown to be more health conscious. They have become more aware of the hazards in connection with an uncontrolled exposure to the harmful sun’s rays.

Since the times when rings were created, people have worn them for a great variety of reasons; they have been symbols of different events, things and feelings. Military Academy. These first college rings had a very strange design: a book with a sword driven through it, showing the class’ contempt (this emblem was first used by Voltaire to ferragamo flats blue express his hostility to the Bible).

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