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But is having a meme Twitter account good ferragamo girl shoes for anything aside from ego Does it translate into sales I doubt it. You can see it in the stats. Even with 5000 followers you getting a 2 3 retweets and 1 4 favorites. This is untrue these are programs into which we citizens have paid with our tax dollars taken from every paycheck from each and every job we have ever held. It is their own money, and it was supposed to be held in safety for our use later in life.There have been enough headline grabbing scandals of late that most of us know that is not what happened. Social Security is not “running out of money” because of excessive demand, but because the funds have been repeatedly raided (stolen!) by the government for use in other areas.Social SecurityIn theory, when you reach retirement age, you apply for and begin to receive your Social Security checks.

One more range which is becoming very popular is the kids’ sunglasses. Kids want to look cool and trendy, so kids’ sunglasses are becoming revenue grosser for many of the top brands. Kids’ sunglasses are slightly low priced but equally trendy and stylish.

Look to your garden to find blue and white flower centerpieces that will match the diamond and denim theme. Or, create drama by creating arrangements with a contrasting color, such as sunflowers. Create your own casual centerpieces using clear jars, bowls and vases you have around the house, but add a diamond and denim look by wrapping these containers with denim ribbons and hanging faux diamonds from the flower stems.

Typically the music Miles recorded from 1968 1975 before the 6 year forced retirement, is considered the best of the electric period.Albums like In a Silent Way, Bitches Brew, Big Fun, and Get up With It demonstrate an undeniable expertise to create new and invigorating music, sometimes only hinting at jazz, and other times destroying the foundation of it.Personally I love all of Miles’ Music, but the post 1968 music really does it for me, always searching and swirling as it is, always unpredictable, and revealing new things after each and every listen.Not everyone liked Miles electricThe electric Miles did not make everybody happy however: Many establishment critics and fellow musicians of his own era couldn’t reconcile electric pianos and fender basses, wah wah pedals, and the back beats galore, see Jack Johnson for proof.Personally I have come to realize, after 15 years of dissecting the music inside out, I truly believe the electric music will be the music of Miles’ most remembered and admired.I know, that is a bold statement, and it is not meant to diminish any other time period of his music, but the early electric music is only now being analyzed and put it in its proper perspective.Consider this, most people would not realize how important Miles was to the development of hip hop, trance music, drum bass, and musics probably not even thought of yet.Just recently I re investigated the March 7, 1970 Fillmore concert, and I swear it was a new music completely, totally different in sound than a few month before and a few months after That’s the way Miles electric is, always on the move, breaking new ground, and never staying in one place too long.Miles was rarely ever guilty of caring what critics, musicians, or fans thought, a true artistic endeavor for sure.Get Up With ItGet Up With ItI would suggest any one who wants to understand the electric music of Miles Davis start with Get Up With It. Mainly my reasoning is due to the variety on the album, you have ambient, hard funk, straight ahead blues rock, calypso, and smooth R sounds, plenty to digest.(Chick Corea) Chick is best known for his own solo work and as the leader of the fusion band Return to Forever, Chick played on Bitches Brew and In a Silent way, he can also be seen on the Isle of Wight and Copenhagen ’69 DVDs with Miles.(Keith Jarrett) Keith Jarrett got his start with Saxophonist Charles Lloyd in the mid 60’s. Jarrett joined Miles for the Isle of Wight show, Corea and Jarrett on the same tour! Jarrett does not have a whole lot positive to say about electronics these days, as he is almost exclusively a trio performer on acoustic piano now, he is quite simply one of the greatest pianists in jazz history.(Herbie Hancock) Herbie a jazz giant in his own right, who probably had the most cross over success of any of the Davis former sidemen.

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