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By the 1970s Dave Moulton had a full time frame building business and his customers included several international caliber riders. Dave Moulton bikes were used in the Tour de France, Olympics, and World Championships. In 1979 Moulton moved to the USA, and in the early 1980s opened his own frame shop ferragamo jelly shoes repair in Southern California.

I had issues seeing the display with the 1st Gen Zeal/Recon Transcend. Unlike on the MOD/MOD Live/Snow2, the Transcend display couldn be rotated. Consequently, you couldn read the display properly if the preset angle of the display didn line up with your eyes.

My Logitech lx7 mouse has served me well, but is approaching the end of its useful life and I want to upgrade (I remain on Windows XP). I do not want a small notebook mouse.), comfortable (although I don’t need to be walking into a clients office with a mouse that looks like a dildo) . I’m on the computer all day doing fine motor work, so the cost is reasonably unimportant.

I guessing Providence will get more raves in it since the ADC in Southbridge got closed down recently (RIP 🙁 ). That was the place of choice for promoters to throw raves. Promoters who had been using that venue might start throwing events at the Fete since it now one of the biggest venues in New England that underground promoters can use.


The document went on to cite legal precedents by the hundreds, making special note of Harry S. Truman’s military desegregation order of 1948.[1]Kennedy did not take the opportunity to issue a second Emancipation Proclamation “and noticeably avoided all centennial celebrations of emancipation.”[1] In November 1962, Kennedy did issue Executive Order 11063, prohibiting racial discrimination in federally supported housing or “related facilities”,[5] and months afterwards introduced an omnibus civil rights bill to Congress after his civil rights address on national television and radio.[1][6] The fulfillment of the vision of King and the Civil Rights movement against segregation came with the landmark Civil Rights Act which was pushed through a bitterly divided Congress and signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.[7]


You know yourself just how much easier it is to work with referrals, especially those who have been sent to you by a person they trust. Referrals are such great customers because you never have to ‘hard sell’ them on anything, because they already see you as a vendor they can trust. They hardly ever ask for a refund because they like you too much, they tend to complain less and are usually more flexible that clients who arrive at your business from your advertising.


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