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In this tutorial, we learn how to do a “Downy dunk” on your American Girl doll. First, take a small plastic container and pour some Downy into the container. After this, lay the doll down on some stacked up books and then dip the hair into the Downy.

It doesn quite replace my IQ180 for studio work but then again its not supposed to. It does work decently in a studio environment if I have no other choice, but usually when I shoot in a studio I need more resolution than 16mp can offer me. That said I rather take the XT 1 + 56mm 1.2 combo with me when I go for a location portrait.

Coral Garden: This underwater wild . Usually called Tahiti, after its most famous isle, there are actually 118 idyllic islands including such jewels as Bora Bora, Moorea and Tahaa awaiting your discovery. Richard Bondurant’s company, Custom Tahiti Travel, conjointly makes a speciality of luxury travel to Tahiti and also the islands of French Polynesia.

Washington’s actual funeral was a simple affair that was organized by the local Masonic lodge and held on December 18, 1799. In his will, Washington stated, “[I]t is my express desire that my Corpse may be Interred in a private manner, without parade, or funeral Oration.” The funeral procession consisted of the president’s casket mounted on and using a caissons, foot soldiers, clergy, and a caparisoned, riderless horse. Upon arrival at a red brick tomb on a hillside in the environs of Mount Vernon, the casket was placed on a wood bier for grieving mourners to gather around for a final viewing and clergy to conduct funeral rites.

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Heutzutage es ist die Go to Marke und Einzelpersonen, meurent bei Prominenten wollen eine Funktion und aus Kombination Stil. Unter mir geht es steil nach Unten, einige Hundert Meter dir Arbeit von viel Schwei und vielen Stunden. Die rechte Hand verkeilt in einem Felsspalt, taste ich mit der linken den Stein ber mir ab um eine geeigneten Halt zu finden.

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