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The proceeds were used in part to fully pay down borrowings under our revolving line of credit with Silicon Valley Bank. At June 30, we had $5.2 million of unused borrowing capacity under that revolving credit line.We are presently discussing the terms of an extension of our credit line with Silicon Valley Bank. We believe a renewal will occur prior to the September 30 maturity of the Silicon Valley Bank line of credit.This completes my summary report and our results for the second quarter of 2013.

Speaking as someone who has worn glasses for nearsightedness most of my 42 years, they will not screw up your eyes. Of course they may have some effect but that is minimal and you won’t go blind because of it in your lifetime. I am now getting to that age where I am starting to need reading glasses or bifocals 🙁


Our technology, our hardware and our software fits very well. Really, if you look at our business services and so often we talk about retail, we talk about medical, we also have this whole component of business services which encompasses our channel which covers verything from service bureaus to the general office, to broadcasting, to education, to government, the religious and legal and professional markets. It is a broad range of markets we are serving and the demand for the ability to archive and distribute the information continues to be there and I think we saw a lot of that ferragamo salvatore womens shoes come together this quarter.


For them the brilliance and console of each individual is its top priority. In past few decades Sobha Developers has initiated their various projects and fulfilled every need of those peoples who are searching home. Recently, the company has l .

As with any great tragedy, there is typically one pivotal decision that defines the collapse of an empire. In the case of Circuit City, this is most often attributed to the decision to release the highest paid sales personnel from the local stores. One might surmise that this decision was based on a desire to effectively reduce the cost of manpower while maintaining the highest number of bodies at the lowest possible price.

Not so fast folks.Call me crazy butI actually think Martha Coakley will pull it out and win. I don think she deserves to wingiven the campaign she run but I think she will. Why Becausegiven the tightening of the race and the huge national press coverage it now receiving, Massachusetts Democrats know they need to get to the polls in honor of Senator Kennedy.Otherwise,Teddy Kennedy falls to a Republican who will have the power to cripple healthcare reform and any other agenda items on Obama list that Teddy would have been fighting forover the next three years.


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