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But I’m not really sure; in the future, please paste a full traceback. That traceback line obviously didn’t come from the example that you’ve pasted, since there’s nothing on line 1 except a ‘class’ statement. Also, since this code is indented wrong and raises a SyntaxError, it’s obviously not exactly the same as what you’re running.


Since then the rules have changed and all of us must be in the office at least three days a week. He goes from office to office talking the head off anyone who doesn’t get up and walk away, and even THAT doesn’t work sometimes. When I try to keep things civil, he mistakes this for some sort of opening for friendship and bothers the hell out of me, Ferragamo Miss Vara Bow Wallet Purple continuing his inappropriate topics, elaborating on crazy right wing conspiracies that he actually believes, and basically bother the shit out of all of us.

Kancheepuram is also known for its culture and civilization. Kanchipuram is a city of thousand temples. It has been a centre of Tami .

I am moving to the Tri Cities in Washington State next month, to a scenic, quasi rural part of the area. While the Tri Cities have fast Internet, my specific address is a bit out of the way, and it looks like Frontier Communications might be my only DSL option out there. They do have a 25 Mb plan, but the reviews are not great.

Many parents even after having their own children choose to adopt. It’s because of adoption that many orphaned children have families. Thanks to adoption, many have a home to live and parents who love.


Imagine the possibilities if, instead, executive ferragamo shoes reebonz management had a simpler way to engage with the process based information that would allow them to make better, faster decisions in guiding the organization. Imagine the time and money saved if suppliers, distributors and field staff were truly linked, in real time and on the mobile devices they already carry, to corporate processes and data. Imagine the delight (and future revenue potential) of customers who feel deeply connected to a particular company because all interactions and issues are handled in a quick, effective and transparent way.


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