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Nearby, the Witte Museum also offers interactive exhibits that explore natural history and science. The H E B Body Adventure exhibit is a four floor interactive play and learning area for children of all ages, which includes a giant fruit playground, a vegetable garden, and touch screen computer systems that teach kids how the body works. Other attractions include an outdoor waterworks station and a cool science themed treehouse.


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After the absorption of the ancient Greek city states into the Roman Republic in 146 BC, the highly advanced Greek technology began to spread across many areas of Roman influence and supplement the Empire. They used such new materials to great advantage in their structures, many of which survive to this day, like their masonry aqueducts, such as the Pont du Gard, and buildings, such as the Pantheon and Baths of Diocletian in Rome. Their methods were recorded by such luminaries as Vitruvius and Frontinus for example, who wrote handbooks to advise fellow engineers and architects.

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Despite being well described, the mechanisms responsible for the evolution of discontinuous gas exchange cycles are largely unknown. Discontinuous gas exchange cycles have long been thought to be an adaptation to conserve water when living in a terrestrial ferragamo sunglasses price environment (the hygric hypothesis).[2] However, recent studies question the hygric hypothesis, and several alternative hypotheses have been proposed. For discontinuous gas exchange cycles to be considered adaptive, the origin and subsequent persistence of the trait must be demonstrated to be a result of natural selection.[2]The hygric hypothesis was first proposed in 1953, making it the earliest posed hypothesis for the evolution of discontinuous gas exchange.[1] The hygric hypothesis proposes that ferragamo sunglasses price the discontinuous release of CO2 is an adaptation that allows terrestrial insects to limit respiratory water loss to the environment.[5] This hypothesis is supported by studies that have demonstrated that respiratory water loss is substantially higher in insects forced to keep their spiracles open, than those of the same species who exhibit discontinuous gas exchange.[5] In addition, laboratory selection experiments on Drosophila melanogaster have shown that more variable gas exchange patterns can emerge in populations of insects artificially selected for tolerance to dry conditions.[6] However, water loss during discontinuous gas exchange is only limited during the flutter phase if gas exchange during the flutter phase is convective (or assisted by muscular contraction).

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