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So, during the call today I’ll start with an overview of the financial results for the quarter followed by Randy who will cover some of the quarter’s business highlights. I’ll then discuss Omnicell’s guidance for the rest of 2007 and our initial guidance for 2008. After that, we’ll open the call to your questions.


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Additionally, Custer was more concerned with preventing the escape of the Lakota and Cheyenne than with fighting them. From his own observation, as reported by his bugler John Martin (Martini)[15] Custer assumed the warriors had been sleeping in on the morning of the battle, to which virtually every native account attested later, giving Custer a false estimate of what he was up against. When he and his scouts first looked down on the village from Crow’s Nest across the Little Bighorn River, they could only see the herd of ponies.

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