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I live in an extremely whitebread town, and nothing I have done has induced any of the Chinese restaurants to make my food in the least hot. I say “extra hot” or “extra spicy” or “with hot peppers” and the food seems exactly the same. They must have had people complain that what they ordered was “too hot.” What can I say in Chinese to get the point across How do you say the pepper paste stuff that is made out of pepper flakes and oil, and then lots of it


Key here is understanding the requirements if the testers can’t understand the requirements well enough to know how to to write positive test cases, you should be worried. This means that the developers have written some code that does what they’ve assumed it to do. Is this assumption the right one You don’t know salvatore ferragamo bag nordstrom until you’ve sorted out the requirements, and you can thank your testers for finding that flaw.


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