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Sites were chosen because they (1) are stratotypes (in bold) of various interglacial stages, (2) have independent geochronology, (3) occur within a fluvial terrace sequence, or (4) have relative ages based on biostratigraphy (Supplementary Data 1). Some additional sites, including three key continental Plio Pleistocene localities, are listed to show how they fit into this general framework. Sites are listed in rank order based on the THAA Ala d/l value, the most useful single measurement covering the timescales under discussion, but full interpretation requires consideration of the overall IcPD (Supplementary Data 1).

Cross included Buffalo Bill, Geronimo and Crazy Horse. Cross took an interest in the Little Bighorn battle, having been on the scene shortly after the confrontation. He is said to have been the only artist to paint Sitting Bull from life and the two became close friends, said.


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