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On the prescription tip, I recently learned most of Oakley’s line can be had with custom factory lenses in your prescription. They’re not cheap (a pair exactly like this were around $350), but you can get some pretty hip, curved frames in your prescription, with mirrored, polarized lenses. I would love to have a second pair for low light conditions like night driving and cloudy days.


Whether you want a handy camera to use it record sporting events like bike riding, snow skiing, tennis, and salvatore ferragamo designer sunglasses other events, investigative work, or just fun, you can just capture all those memorable moments and photos of whatever you’re watching with the wireless camera button in your pocket or sunglasses control buttons on the glasses themselves located on the left temple piece of this sunglasses. Buy your own spy sunglasses right away, directly from online spy shops, and enjoy their low prices and famous after sales service policy. Get your pair now!.


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