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I came across news on a technique using terahertz radiation to ‘see’ under the surface of paintings and murals. I know that similar methods have been used before, most especially to see the sketches under (Leonardo da Vinci) paintings or to map the outline of archaeological sites by satellite etc. I am interested in amassing a collection of such techniques, not limited to paintings and certainly from a wide spectrum of scientific and technological applications (for instance: art includes literature or music, artefacts can refer to objects or cultures, a new technology may simply be a new theory of linguistics).


Southeast Missouri State has been a member of NCAA Division I (Division I FCS for football) since moving up from Division II in 1991. As a result of the promotion in classifications, Southeast Missouri State left the Division II athletic conference Mid salvatore ferragamo discount America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA) (which they’ve been a charter member back in 1912) and joined the Division I Ohio Valley Conference (OVC). Though having struggled in the two major college sports (football and men’s basketball) since moving up, they have had a few successes over the 15 year run in Division I.Until January 2005, the athletic team nicknames were the “Indians” (men’s teams) and “Otahkians” (women’s teams).

The song peaked at 2 on the charts, but is only rarely performed live by the band, due to the lack of improvisational opportunities. The last song on salvatore ferragamo discount the album written by Gregg Allman is “Come and Go Blues,” which features Leavell on organ and a long piano solo. Betts also has a solo before the last verse, which unfortunately seems too short.

I feel the same way about him! One second I really hate him and everything he seems to stand for and the next he does something amazing and wonderful (like with his intended sacrifice in bringing everyone to Earth) and then I love him. I think his character is really interesting because of it, somehow his flip flopping doesn come off as inconsistent so much as his thought process and belief system just being extremely complicated and difficult to grasp. I praying they don kill him off before they can really dig into his character more.


The big problem is that you replaced the airbox with something that the bike is not tuned for. The carbs were tuned for the factory airbox, not for the aftermarket, clamp on filters, which do not restrict the airflow at the same rate as the factory setup. This adversely affects the mixture and, consequently, performance.


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