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Is there a third option to this question May I say they are neither fashionable nor trendy Unfortunately, this is the case. Oakley watches are certainly unique in looks, but to me they hold a strange position because Oakley takes a decent looking oddball like the Reactor Trident and pushes the case design just a tad too far. Now what you have is a line of warped, twisted steel cases that don really seem to work together.

Keep an eye on specialty retailers, advises Topeka Capital’s Dorothy Lakner. A nice pickup in retail demand in May could be followed up by more strength in June with the economy stable, says the analyst. If the stock market keeps moving higher and a potentially disruptive West Coast port lockout can be avoided, the sector could be set for gains heading into the back to school and fall season.

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Lane sharing is the only tricky one. This will vary by pool, and by time of day within the same pool. Typically lanes will be designated fast/medium/slow in some form.

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