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The Handle System ensures that the DOI name for an object is not based on any changeable attributes of the object such as its physical location or ownership, that the attributes of the object are encoded in its metadata rather than in its DOI name, and that no two objects are assigned the same DOI name. Because DOI names are short character strings, they are human readable, may be copied and pasted as text, and fit into the URI specification. The DOI name resolution mechanism acts behind the scenes, so that users communicate with it in the same way as with any other web service; it is built on open architectures, incorporates trust mechanisms, and is engineered to operate reliably and flexibly so that it can be adapted to changing demands and new applications of the DOI system.[13] DOI name resolution may be used with OpenURL to select the most appropriate among multiple locations for a given object, according to the location of the user making the request.[14] However, despite this ability, the DOI system has drawn criticism from librarians for directing users to non free copies of documents that would have been available for no additional fee from alternative locations.[15]


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Not sure to which genocide you are referring, but generally speaking: every persons life is in God hands. He either lets it continue or ends it. He, as the creator, has the right to do whatever he wants.

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Let’s say you see those tell tale rings of oily dirt on your fork tubes, and you’re starting to get the idea that a little thing like a leaky fork seal can become a life threatening problem. Well, we’re here to verify your fears: it is. And it always amazes us that, when pointing out an obviously leaking seal, some riders come back with: “Well, dude, it was leaking for a while, but it stopped, so nothing’s wrong.” Duh, you numbskull, you’re probably out of oil, or the seal has absorbed so much dirt that it’s piped a bunch down into the fork, turning the stuff salvatore ferragamo mens shoes nordstrom formerly known as oil into a mean glob of sludge.


salvatore ferragamo mens shoes nordstrom