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As much as I loathe the River Song character, I would be okay with seeing her again if it meant things were different with the Doctor. If 12 wrapped himself around her little finger the way 11 did, it would be a waste of time. But, as you said, 12 keeping her at arm length would introduce a new layer of subtlety to both the Doctor and River, moreso than would be the case if River return had nothing more than her teasing the Doctor and saying “Spoilers, sweetie” every time he asked her a question.


Inspect the pads for embedded metal or debris, then lightly sand the surface of each pad with emery to remove the shiny spots. A nice dull finish is fine. Chamfer the leading edge of each pad, (the edge that the rotor feeds into) at 45 deg.

jump to contentmy subredditsMODERATOR OFwhat’s this TROPHY CASEI think this is sound advice, particularly the part about mindset/health coming before the application process. Your job search has obviously been a draining ordeal and as a result it would be all too easy to withdraw, stop exercising, drink more, etc. Leading to a downward spiral of hopelessness and depression.


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Flock B (100 Wiltshire Horn sheep) had sheep with ID but no VFR. Affected sheep were sprayed with oxytetracycline or copper sulphate spray, and there was no policy for culling lame sheep. Sheep were foot trimmed once a year.

Nevertheless, many still consider softball as a less demanding version of baseball where throws are different, there are two less innings, and uniforms have more breathi . This proverb is absolutely applicable in the game of Softball. As a player can perform phenomenally if he or she receives excellent instruction on Softball hitting and Softball Pitching.

A careful visual inspection can reveal important information about used cars. The first thing to look at is the reading on the odometer in comparison to the wear on the wheels and the overall appearance of the vehicle. A low odometer reading coupled with a well worn car could mean the vehicle was tampered with in the past.

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