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This is a big step for many because for 100 years or more humanity has stressed the importance of finding out what is missing and understanding of a “problem”. Armies of consultants were and still are using GAP analysis as the indispensable pre requisite to growth and progress. The positive psychology movement, appreciative enquiry and other methodologies including Progress Talk have emerged in the last 10 years with useful insights and evidence based research into high performance and generative success factors.


Most are made from paraffin wax. When they burn tiny particles go into the air. A person who burns a lot of candles might notice a build up on their glass (windows).

My husband and I are from Singapore and we are planning a driving tour of France during the first two weeks of December. We’re in our mid/late 30s and have travelled a fair bit in Western Europe. We’ve seen most of Paris and given the weather at this time of the year, we felt that Southern France might be the thing for us.

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