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Tuscany has had no changes to player locomotion since its creation, since before Facebook, since before Carmack and Abrash, and before the parts of the user guide about stationary experiences even existed. Nothing remotely like Tuscany locomotion exists in their current demos. Perhaps they should revisit Tuscany so that it better reflects their current standing on best practices, but Tuscany is part of Rift history now so perhaps they don want to Lucas it, or (more likely) they just got bigger fish to fry.


1. Do Not Agree to Binding Arbitration. Before any lawsuit appears on the horizon, consider eliminating arbitration clauses from your contracts.

If you are not comfortable with your toothbrush anymore, there’s no reason for you not to ditch it and buy a new one. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, a toothbrush with soft bristles would be perfect for you. However, if you have pretty strong teeth, you can use medium or hard bristles for you to clean your teeth better.

Since they are outside for extended periods of time, marathon runners need to protect their eyes from the sun, whether they are running in hot weather or snow. Oakley has designed several styles of sunglasses suited for women competing in long running races looking to achieve optimal performance no matter the conditions. Oakley’s reputation for protecting runners from UV rays has turned them into a trusted brand.


E Cigarettes Are The Light at The End of Smoking TunnelIf somebody is considering switching from the traditional cigarettes to the e cigarettes, it is important that they understand the benefits of these over the traditional ones. This drug is not the usual one which can be consumed anytime by anyone. Proper prescription from a doctor and good research regarding the drug.

Cross country flights were planned with a TAS (true air speed) of 85 knots. That was fine because the objective was to put hours in the logbook and not to get anywhere fast. Having said that it was a liitle frustrating at times with a stiff wind on the nose and ground speeds of 50 55 knots on a cross channel flight to Antwerp or Ostende.

When I came back from a recent overseas trip, I cannot help but notice another passenger going through customs with several fake designer handbags. The handbags looked authentic and came complete with packaging and receipts brandishing the designer label. However, their quality was like a big question mark.

Blue Highways: A Journey into America by William Least Heat Moon (Houghton Mifflin): To lose wife and job in the same year would drive many a man to drink; instead it impelled William Least Heat Moon to drive around the US. “A man who couldn’t make things go right could at least go,” he wrote. And so he went, salvatore ferragamo shoes run big via the backroads and the flyspeck towns that no tourist sees, to live, he says, “the real jeopardy of circumstance”.


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