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Building, dating to 1926, currently houses the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center and the upper four floors could be renovated for college classrooms and for a 500 seat convention center under a $10 salvatore ferragamo signorina singapore million to $12 million program. The museum will continue to occupy the ground floor, mezzanine and basement.[24]On September 12, 2007, an anonymous gift of $1 million was made to the community college’s foundation to establish an endowed chair in mathematics and sciences.[23] The endowed fund was designed to “reward and encourage outstanding math and science faculty in perpetuity” and it was the first gift of over $1 million that the college had received. Recipients will receive an annual cash reward of 2% of the value of the endowment fund each year for a two year period, with an additional award recipient added each year.[23]As a result of the gift of $1 million, total endowment credited during the campaign was $5.2 million.[23][25] Other major gifts included funding of faculty and nursing classes at King’s Daughters Medical Center, the Booth Foundation, Saul and Harriett Kaplan Foundation scholarships, Lincoln and Katherine and Scott scholarships and partial funding of evening nursing classes at Our Lady of Bellefonte Hospital.

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