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It’s used by practically every experienced cleaner in the world. You only have to make a solution of a few spoons of borax mixed with a bucket of water. If you want, you can also add some general detergent for a nicer smell.

Many times 2 dogs of one sex, and as you were told, females are worse, compete too vigorously for status. If the dogs are spay/neutered and given strong leadership, usually it is OK. Let me try to run through my friends’ dogs.

The other critical tool you’ll need for any kind of banjo adjustment is a plain old screwdriver. Because you’ll find over time the fist string peg here and even if you have gear pegs on your head stock, especially if you have non gear pegs, they’re all going to slip over time and loosen up. So if you find that you just can’t keep a certain string in tune usually it’s a simple screw adjustment.

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